Do you hate what Hitler did to the Jews? Do you think what Kim Jong Un does in North Korea is wrong?

If your answer for the above questions is yes, let me ask you another question. Are you proud of being a citizen of India? Of course you are! Now tell me, is the Indian government becoming the next Hitler or the Kim Jong Un?

Did I offend you? Of course, I did. You are probably swearing at me right now, trying to find out where I live, to come and beat me to death. You might have already called a lawyer to file a lawsuit against me. Sure, do all of that, but first listen to all that I have to say.

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Imagine you are having dinner. Say you are having pasta, and some random guy comes in says that he doesn’t like pasta so you cannot eat pasta. Will you stop eating pasta? No, right? Now what if that person is not any random guy but your boss? You still won’t stop eating it. Because you may work for him but he doesn’t fucking own you, right?

Right to freedom, bitches

Now what if all your co-workers come and beat you up just because you are eating pasta and your boss doesn’t like it? It’s oppression of your rights, isn’t it?

So you agree with all that I said till now? Okay now tell me, is India any different today?
The government (to be precise one political party powered by one religious group ) wants to decide what an average Indian should eat. If that wasn’t enough, fellow Indians (followers of the political party/religious group) are man-handling the people who still wish to eat what the government doesn’t want them to.

For those who still are none the wiser, it is the ban on beef I'm talking about!

OMG! Major judging happening right now. May even get death threats in a while

Yes, I eat beef. In fact, I love beef. Also, I am a Hindu. So don’t ever think of discriminating against other religions over here.

Also I am a Mallu. Beef is legal in Kerala. And we Mallus love our Beef

But that doesn’t mean I won’t talk about the ban elsewhere in the country. I won’t be arguing whether cow meat should be legal or if cow is a holy animal and because Indians have been fooled on the pretext of caste, creed, and religion for more than 250 years. First by the British, and then by our very own politicians to safeguard their vote banks. And if the common Indian still cannot understand that, it’s a disgrace to us as citizens and as a society.

The only argument which I would like to make and which should be considered is can any individual / institution (including the government) have rights to decide a man's basic necessities? The water I drink, the food I eat, and the air I breathe shouldn’t be under someone’s control. It’s my basic necessity and if you are not the one who gave me this life, you do not have the authority to control my food and water. I agree that the government has a right to ban things which are sure to cause harm to the country, but banning something for the sake of propaganda is not acceptable.

And if that is the case, I will proudly shout out to the world, I love beef and I will keep eating beef.