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They say every time you try to remember something, your brain goes back and finds the data in your head and reconstruct the memory afresh. Thus, memories have a tendency to change themselves over time. Words, places, people, they change with the new words, people and places you come across. They change every time you remember them.

About a hundred feet to go, give or take
The most useless time for them to manifest, he’s having second thoughts.
This isn’t how it’s supposed to be; this can’t be it.

7 Years Ago

It’s weird how she thinks pins it on me. Oh, How I could just smash her face against the wall and watch her bludgeoned head bleed out, as I grab some popcorn.
“You cheated on me,” he said silently, fighting back the rage that had surged inside of him.

Fuck, don’t cry, you don’t cry! NOT NOW, ASSHOLE!! This bitch doesn’t get to see your tears. NO FUCKING WAY

A silence loomed in the room, as two lovers looked at a person who only looked like the one they loved. The air around them was dense with rage.

10 Years Ago

Him: Hey
Him: Sup?
Her: Umm.. Nothing.. Sup with you?

She’s not interested, bro. You’re eating shit.

Him: Nothing really…



Fuck it

Him: So, you wanna go out sometime? Over coffee maybe?



Yeah.. You’re fucked.

Her: When and Where?
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