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"How has your week been going?" said a calm voice.

"I'll live" each syllable was more of a chore than the last one.

"Been sleeping better?"

"The pills work" He said, mustering up a smile.

"The night terrors."


He opened his mouth to say something, but didn't.

The doctor's pity was cloaked by a look of sympathy.

Still In Free Fall

Time has stood still for a while now. He's waiting for his flashbacks.


Seeds of regret are growing into little plants now. As if they were always in him somewhere, and only now do they make their presence felt.

Regret grows fast, you know. Real fast.

10 Years Ago

"You haven't touched your coffee in five minutes" her voice breaking the awkwardise with grace somehow.

He looks up from his cup.

Oh right, we're supposed to talk in these things

"Sorry, I get distracted" he stuttered out, following it up with the most awkward "hehe" in the history of anything.

He hadn't been on many first dates. It showed.

She's smart though, and charming as hell.

"I know you've had a crush on me for a bit"

He looked up surprised, contrasting her playful smile with the look of someone stripped in public.

"Lilly told me"

I'm gonna kill her. Also thank her. But first, kill her.

A weight was lifted off of him. Enough to lift his face up and smile.

"Yeah, for a while now," he said, adjusting his voice to sound a little more in control. "How long have you known?"

"Does it matter?"

She smiled, melting his heart and parts of his brain too.

6 Years Ago


fist bump

"good sex"

A little later

"So, I guess I should be leaving, if I wanna get to work in time," He said dressing himself up.

"Breakfast first" She said still rolling in bed. "You're making"

"Fine, boss lady"

"I like that name. Let's stick to it"

"In that case, I'm gonna stick to Lilly"