At the edge of the balcony, he stood, feeling the breeze on his naked body. Out of smokes again, he thought to himself. He wasn’t completely sure of the moral implications of what he was about to do, but he was sure he had to do it none the less.

“Just letting it hang, are we?” a playful voice said from inside the house. She looked at him playfully, almost as if warming up for round-two.

Angela, he recalled her name. They had a couple of hours ago at a conference, a few sparks, coupled with champagne and scotch landed them here, his 17th floor apartment. He turned around and smiled at her, his eyes dead. “You should leave now” he said, “I have some business to attend to” She looked clearly offended. “A car’s been arranged” he said, knowing he was only doing her a favor and sparing her of what she could witness should she stay.

She put her dress back on, he could see through the curtains. Her beautiful curly hair came down to her shoulders, subtle curves on her toned body made her exquisite to anyone who laid eyes on her. He admired her beauty, physical anyway. As much as he wanted to just stare, he looked away, and waited for her to be off.

A door slammed shut behind him. And then he heard silence. In a couple of seconds, he’d have closure. Standing on the ledge of the balcony, he looked down. Gravity did the rest.

The wind caressing his body, as time slowed down, his eyes could see every passing inch and fell, and with it, his proximity to the ground. He could see all that, but not what he had heard he’s see.
His life wasn’t passing him by in frames, he couldn’t see those few core memories, he couldn’t see the faces of the ones he had loved, however few they might be.
It was just this. Just the wind. Just the end.

7 years ago

“My love for you never changed, *****”, She said, staring at him with dead eyes,“ You did”

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