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It is said that when our brain works at a higher capacity than normal, we perceive the things around to be moving slower. Some would theorize, the thoughts in our mind, can bend the space-time around us ever so slightly by their mere existence and intensity.

Still a hundred feet to go

Time has stood still for a bit now. His body isn’t moving, nor is anything else. He tries to recall why he decided to do this in the first place.

5 years ago



Nothing. He feels helpless, with so much to process and getting nothing as an outcome.

6 years ago

“Look, I’m gonna cut this short” He uttered his first words to the girl in the red sweater. “I know the face isn’t doing much for you. So how about we talk for a bit, I tell you how beautiful I think you look, you realize how smart I am, and we see what happens.”

A blank look followed by her turning her face around. He walks back to his table.


“Hahahahaha!! So much for a game, mister” she said.

“Take my advice, stick to the online crap. Humans don’t respond well to you.”

“You do,, you” he said with a smirk, slowly swallowing the rejection with the help of some whiskey.

“This place is getting boring. My place?”

“Let's go with that.”

“I get the grass; you get the rum.”


About an hour later

“Where do you get this stuff? My shit doesn’t come close this quality” He said, with rosy red eyes, and prettier perception of the world.

“I know people, who know people.” she said, staring at the ceiling.

“You’re the best best friend one could ever ask for.”


“First of all, Ew. Do not get Icky on me” pinches his shoulder. “Second, next time, I get the booze too. Idiot”

“Meh. Just enjoy the cheap booze. It’s my company I bring to the table.”

The next morning

“Good sex” she said

fist bump

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