"Single kids can't share." "Single kids are spoilt." "Single kid? Some issue with the marriage."

Well, guess what, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America and Shaktimaan among many other meta-humans are single kids. #singlekidsaresuper

Homogeneity: One Size Fits All

Society has a way of putting over the concept of homogeneity. One size must fit all. If it doesn't, change and adapt to it.

While I'm an advocate of change, the concept of constraints for the sake of convenience of a few at the cost of a burden on so many others can't be stood by with a sane mind.

Any deviation from the "basic" family dynamic causes a change in the personality of the child. Be it single parents, divorced ones, gay or even straight with a single kid. While all the other cases get more of a grind from society, I will be focusing on something I can relate to on a personal level.

Having Siblings The basic advantage of growing up with siblings, I observe, is the concept of sharing coupled with better social skills. With that, someone who'll have your back throughout your childhood. It's beautiful.

Why Single Children Suck On the other side of the coin, I hear the following complaints about single children.

  • They don't share well

  • Lack social skills

  • Don't connect well with other kids their age

  • Are the Demon's Seed

  • Caused 9/11

  • Have bigger dicks

I guess a couple of them at least are true.

Why They Don't

Here's the thing, though. With every positive trait in a personality, comes paired a negative one. Such is the weakness in strength. Fortunately, it goes both ways.

Children who've grown up as the sole offspring of their parents pick up a few things here and there.

The social awkwardise during childhood generally arises due to the lack of verbal interaction with people closer to their age at home.
This helps in adulthood, though, as they're way more comfortable talking to a person with power and contain situations. This comes from the fact that most of their childhood interactions have been with the people with the most power in their lives, Parents.

Plus, we make friends too, you know.

Having a better understanding of adult relationships come inherently with this honor too. The only relationship outside of the one we have with our parents, we're exposed to, is the one between them.
With the only exhibit to study intently, it gives the child a deeper understanding of the Human Condition at an earlier age.
This, However, in turn, hurts our chances of understanding society as well as the ones with siblings.
Inference for the sake of one

In the words of the Ashoka The Great, "You win some, you lose some".

This discussion can go on for hours, but I have a word limit to honor.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

If you've noticed any points that I've missed out, tell us in the comment section below. We'll try our best to do justice to your suggestions, queries, and critique.

PS. About the whole sharing thing. Get your own stuff, dweeb.