Feminism is misconstrued to be the thought that women are better than men. It's more about both having equal footing, rights, and respect in the society. While the eradication of prejudice is all but impossible, we can come close.

Roles Assigned

Skin color, eye color, clothes, genitals have all contributed to the segregation of humans. It's easier to assign a set of common attributes to each group, given a doctored sample size. Easier. Not Right.
It's like any multiple choice logic question.
Crow is a black bird. Thus, some birds are black.

If our society had its way, the answers would be something like:
All black birds are crows.
All birds are black.
All black birds are good at basketball


I cry at the movies, don't know how a carbonator is different from a spark plug and can't drive to save my life. Also, I like the color pink.

Does this render me not a man?

I have the correct set of genitals, and I like using them. Shouldn't that be the only criterion?

Man Of The World

Gender roles have over stayed their welcome, haven't they? Being a "man of the world" is somewhat of a redundant concept in a civilized part of the world.
The days of the man being the head of the family, the provider, protector, inspector, metal detector, Hannibal Lector and so much more, are better if gone.
For our society to be free of the plaguing sexism, some roles have to be written off of the script.


But from what I see in even the most liberal men, are hints and shades of our insecurities. That's no secret, is it? Men are insecure, and we have very fragile egos that are hurt by the silliest things.

I got flack for sitting behind a girl on her scooter, I have no shame, it seems. Have ruined dates because I decided to ride shot gun as she took us out on a long drive. Or simply not knowing how to chop off a tree or slay a dragon or have a heavy drinking capacity.
Why, though? She's probably better at it than I am.

Maybe because it terrifies us to lose control. It's a man's world after all. For now at least (We're gonna pay).

Breaking The Norm

I guess we're too used to, and somehow comfortable with the way things have been going. Change is hard, see.

For a woman to take control, takes a rebellion, by her, or her immediate family, to let her be a person in the world and function as an individual in the society. Not just being dropped into the mould of "She's someone's mother, a daughter, a sister, a goal keeper". Shut up. She's a person. Let's let her be that.
On the flipside, for a man to shed his image of the tough guy, all it takes is humility. And a mean right hook, if need be.
(Haters gonna hate, they're gonna eat with a straw because my fist is going half way to their gut) (Just Saying)


The origins of such disorders while unknown, the thought behind it has always been clear. Visual differences have always worked as visual clues of being different, and all that's unknown to us has always been scary too. We tend to fight it. Maybe that's why most sports have had jerseys. Worth a thought.

Guess, it's time to call a time out.

Our society stands at kind of a crossroad here. Misinformed are we.
This new generation has responsibilities to carry on the work our predecessors started decades ago. To clean up the society, defragment it and make it whole.

From racial prejudice and gender roles to xenophobia and the wars surrounding it. Some things just need to go, without debate.

Come At Me, Bruh

You might have an opposing opinion about this, but you're not writing this article, so roid off in the comments below, I'll be waiting.