I never skipped a day of high school even if I didn't have it in me to walk. On my worst days, I'd drag myself out of bed just so that I could cycle a mile to school.

I loved my class teacher for one thing. The seating arrangement. I sat right behind her. Radhika.

I had always been mesmerized by her. It reached a fever pitch once high school hit.
Her divine smile, deep brown eyes, and long flowing hair was enough to make a shit day turn to gold.

You know, sappy shit.

Never had the balls to ask her out, though.
We never talked much, outside of me helping her out with math and a few forwarded texts.

But I knew I had to, some day.

Last Day Of High School

Everyone was posing for pictures, writing stuff for each other in the yearbook, all emotional and teary.

Her and I, I guess we had made our way through entertaining everyone else in the class. Growing increasingly impatient to finally get to her, I stormed through the last few people around.

"You're Awesome" What an insightful thing to write for someone to reminisce years later. Yes, sarcasm.

I finally got done posing and turned to her, just to find her look right back at me like she was waiting for me too, maybe.



This was a little more awkward than I'd anticipated.

But isn't that a good thing? There's something here, right? I should totally ask her out

We posed and clicked a picture together, one I still have somewhere on my phone to this day for some reason. I turned to her and thought to myself, Now or never, tiger

"Let's take group pic, yaa!!", said the annoying class diva. Before I could utter a word of the I-have-a-Dream caliber speech I had in my head, we were pulled apart by the raging crowd of teens.

Another half hour of sweet nothings with my classmates, 90% of whom I'd be avoiding from this day forward.

I muster up the courage yet again to just go up to her.

Deep Breaths

That's when I feel a tap on my shoulder. Fuck! It's her. She wants to talk to me too. Fuck Yeah!!

I turn around just to see Rini.

"Guess what just happened?"

Oh, I totally care

"Sam just asked Radhika out. She said yes!"

I totally care


She did text me to wish me on my birthday like she does every year. This time, we got talking.‚Äč

Talked to her all last night actually. Giving her relationship advice.

Never Liked Group Photos.