Chinkara, also known as the Indian Gazelle, is a species of gazelle native to the Indian subcontinent. Its brown fur allows it to perfectly blend in with the arid surroundings of its habitat, helping its natural tendency of being shy towards humans.

Chinkaras are often seen alone, seldom being seen in groups of more than four; and of this Monday, a worrying report has surfaced- that of chinkaras committing suicide.

December of 1998 was a particularly depressing year for a certain chinkara. Life hadn't been going great for him. The dry summer had left all the waterholes parched and most of the succulent grass had already been munched by his buddies.

One not so fine day, just as he was forlornly wandering in the forest near Jodhpur, he heard a noise. It was a short, sharp squeak. Then the noise started repeating and soon grew into a cacophony of the level of One Direction.

There was no chance of mistaking the soulful voice of langoors. The official messenger service of the jungle had unexpected news- Bhai was in the jungle! Yes, THE Bhai!

Our Chinkara's joy knew no bounds. He had to meet his favourite superstar. It was probably the only thing worth looking forward to, apart from a fur-soaking shower of rain. So off he trotted to where Bhai was parked in his jeep.

As he came near Bhai's jeep, he decided to observe from a distance lest he disturb Bhai's peace. But alas! Lady Luck was not on his side today. He had been spotted, and a disturbing thought crossed his mind. He remembered hearing about some of his friends who had died inexplicably after being spotted by humans from a distance.

He could feel the Dabangg in Bhai's glare. Not wanting to bear any more of the embarrassment, the chinkara ran as fast as he could towards a huge banyan tree, rammed into the trunk head-first, and dropped dead.

Dabangg Bhai

Some say Bhai shot the poor chinkara using a rifle. Charges were filed against him for the same and the case went on for years and years, but to no avail, and rightly so. Being Human, it's the most ridiculous thing for anybody to even think that Bhai could do such a thing. How dare you, you daft supporters of KingK! Stop pestering him, will you? He already feels like a violated woman after his grueling shoots.

Then, of course, there are other theories about Bhai's jeep-driver ramming the vehicle into the animal. Sadly, nobody will ever know the truth outside the jungle since the only human witnesses were Bhai and his companions, and no one is ever going to believe what they describe as people will just ridicule it. And other chinkaras simply couldn't care less about the outlier suddenly dying.

In the human world, no one is aware that the poor chinkara took his own life. The curious case of the dead chinkara will forever remain unsolved.

And like always, Bhai-chara prevails!