"Nobody can be perfect"

We've heard this phrase since we've learned the language all those years ago. We've also learnt to use it as an excuse to justify our goof ups.

The phrase in it's infinite vagueness is obviously open for interpretation. Here's mine, wearing the cape of pseudo-psychology.
The Perfect Human

Consider for a second, a perfect human. Good Looks(includes physique, hair, skin and overall abs-ness), Calm, Fun, Funny, Creative, Out-Going, Comfortable in their own skin, Artistic, Intellectual, Friendly, kind .... The list goes on till Christmas and then some.

The "perfect" human doesn't exist. But we already know that. Why though?

Well, spending 15 mins on google explains to me, Cats are cute.

Collaterals of Strength

Also, with every strength we gain, there is a corresponding weakness that creeps up inherently.

Kind of like the Iron Legion (Iron Man Armours).
What the MK-7 gains in speed and stealth, it loses in strength and overall sturdiness.
What Veronica (Hulk Buster) gains in strength and mid to short range fire, it loses in speed, agility and power conservation.


An insanely talented musician such as Jim Morrison, came with his own vices of drugs and alcohol abuse and a general lack of peace in his personal life.
How did he write such enlightened pieces despite his battle with his demons?
Think About It

His work was so unique and touching not in spite of his demons, but because of them.
The depth of any great artist comes from a deep understanding of internal conflict, pain and fear. Everyone can write a sweet little jingle. But a dark, deep and at times disturbing harsh ballad, boy, you've got to earn it.

So Many Others

Picasso, Van Gough, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis, Charlie Sheen, Maradona, Steve Jobs. All geniuses and one wife beating, whore killing coke addict.
Disturbed lives and amazing work in their field of expertise.
Causality comes to mind.
A little on the nose, but here's the truth.

We create our own demons. They make us.

Celebs are an easy target and easier subjects of scrutiny. Their lives are well documented and public. Too open to be comfortable.

Digging Deeper

Lets get into yours. Before you get your panties all up in a bunch. Yes, I'm using stereotypical gender roles here. Just bear with me.


  • What he lacks in emotional understanding and the general change in prices since he was 5 ("We used to buy a cycle for 5 paise and some chewing gum") (Sure!), He gains in shielding the family from adversities, and taking them on to himself if need be(Because he's been taught that's what a man does) and managing his money well.


  • What she might lack in knowledge of the world (Politics and Economy), she hits back with wit and an unimaginable amount of emotional intelligence when it comes to it.

Which brings me to You ( 1 out of 19 chance, I'm right)

  • What you gain in being an environmentalist, animal lover, bike rider, classic collections reader, expensive coffee drinker and over all up to date with the events of the world 10 ways at a time, you lose by being an annoying fuckwit with no depth, you fucking hipster! CHAI PEE, BC.

I digress.

The Concept of Perfection

The concept of perfection has a lot to do with that of perspective.

When you feel stupid and pointless, a soothsayer who calms you is perfect in that moment

When you wanna let go, and just be wild AF for a few nights, the party girl is the one to be with.

Looking for a casual fling, you know who you want.

Looking for a romantic relationship type thing, You know who you want.


Society over time has evolved to be unaccepting of a person's weaknesses and demons to the extent that we are left with no choice but to hide them, rather than deal with them. So here's this, a start of a change.

Better flaunt your demons than let them consume you.

There's no point judging. Apart from hipsters. Fuck Them.