The headline of most of the national dailies a few days ago was, “Priyanka Chopra: India is a difficult country”. Now, a good portion of our human population who has never read a book in their life went on to criticize her without reading the article because

  1. Ain’t nobody got time for that
  2. Headline pretty much has the “gist” of the article
  3. She’s a “USA Return” now, so she thinks she has the right to talk shit about our country. This country made you what you are, bitch!

Haha, fuck you! If you think you don’t have the time to read an article, you don’t have the right to comment. Your half knowledge served you well in your college exams because your answers weren’t even remotely related to the question. They were just big enough, unlike your brain. Also, if you lie in the category of the point no. 2, I’m pretty sure you believe that “To Kill A Mockingbird” is a book about a fucking Mockingbird. The headlines are called click-baits for a reason.

And what’s with the USA return tag? We all have cousins, second cousins, third cousins, and more who live in one of the developed countries, and our parents strive to keep in touch with them because, well. At least half of them talk trash about our nation for obvious reasons. One of them is the fact that our roads are dirtier than our dustbins. They’re allowed to talk like that, and they don’t get any backlash, but a celebrity does because they’re "famous for being famous"? Sorry, she’s not a Kardashian, she’s Priyanka Chopra. That woman was so insecure about her face that after getting the title of Miss World while she was barely 18, she got a nose job! Turned out lovely, without a doubt, and she ain’t that bad with her acting as well.

Anyway, do you know what the article talked about? She’s been the UNICEF ambassador since 2010 and was talking about equal rights for women at an event recently. She said that India is a difficult country because of its diversity. Every state and almost every city functions in a different way and therefore, you cannot expect change to happen tomorrow. How does that feel like for a US return’s statement? Trashing India, much?

We don’t realize how important it is to cover all your corners about a subject before you start talking about it. If you haven’t read the Harry Potter books, and you talk about Dumbledore's character at length, I’d know. So would everyone else. What happened with Aamir Khan was almost the same. He said his wife feels scared about the growing intolerance and at times wishes to leave the country. Did we watch the full video? I don’t think so. Did we overreact for a month and forgot to pay attention to every important thing in the universe? Well. But, it was "tit for tat" for him because, AIB Roast.

What country are we defending in front of these celebrities? Our country can give huge box office collections to the movie of a star who’s been in numerous controversies for hundreds of years (he’s definitely that old), but cannot take a movie that mocks all the religions and talks about Atheism. We abhor atheists too.

We cringe at the rains, the roads, the sanitary conditions, the injustice, the reservations, the almost everything one day or the other. But we cannot take a celebrity who’s been to someplace else, or who belongs to a different religion, or doesn’t fit the criteria to be a human in our country, say the same things because they haven’t earned the right to do so. They work as hard as we do, they just earn more than us.

By the way, if Priyanka Chopra were French and wanted to be an actor, she would’ve become one because people of that particular nation would’ve watched her movies. She pretty much made herself like most actors, or directors or whatevers. And maybe if she were French, people would’ve talked about a lot more than her armpits.